My son and I would be classified as off the Richter Scale with our love of laughing until our gut hurts.  Sooooooo, naturally we took to making some games and spreading the fun.  That’s when we tried Googling event game rentals Victoria, and nothing really came up!  While you might catch us in the park sporting our giant Jenga set, or throwing a games party while camping out at Goldstream, I’m guessing you’ve seen us around.  Welcome to our little community-based business.  We consciously choose to donate a percentage of everything you rent directly to causes all around Victoria.  Get your ‘inner kid‘ on!

What we do

We rent (literally) DOZENS of giant sized games.  From giant Jenga, to battleship, cornhole, snakes and ladders, croquet, slingshot angry birds, bocce, limbo, connect 4, and an endless amount of others, we have ben told countless times that parties wouldn’t have been the same without us.  Give us a shout, and see why everyone in Victoria have the same ‘game renting’ itch.

Why we do

If you’ve ever experienced an event where you’re crying because you’re laughing so hard, this is why we do it.  As a big part of the Victoria community, we want to give back to all of the charities, foundations, societies, and organizations that have helped us get up and going, and to where we are today.  There is no greater satisfaction than seeing pics of people having a blast with our games at their events!

The perks

Sure, we play giant battleship in our backyard with the neighbourhood kids (with supersoakers as punishment), but what it really comes down to is that our weekends are filled with giant slingshots, loads of kids on our backyard, and a number of adults hanging out around the BBQ and the beer fridge.

We couldn’t have imagined a better way to live it up and give back to the community.  Did we mention we give a portion of our proceeds to local charities?

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