• Giant Water Balloon Battleship

    Water balloon inspired, competitiveness at the extreme, leave your opponents soaked ($75/day)

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    Friends and family playing life-sized water balloon battleship

Setup Time and Instructions

10 minutes.  Instructions to follow

General Game Rules

The object of the game is to sink all of your opponents battleships.  The 1st team to sink the other teams’ battleships, WINS!

To play:

  1. Choose players for your team and your opponents team.  Typical games include 3x battleships per side
  2. Place the bucket of water balloons that your team will be using, at the very back of the playing grid
  3. Each player from both teams chooses a battleship to place on their grid horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.  This is not like the original game where you need to keep within the squares.  Be sure however not to overlap one another’s battleship
  4. Flip a coin to see which team will throw the 1st balloon
  5. Take turns 1 at a time tossing a balloon over to the other side.  Each team gets 1 turn/toss before the other team takes their turn/toss.  Each player must rotate their turns in the order that they predetermine prior to the game starting
  6. If you hit a boat or a player directly, then that person is eliminated from the game, and that battleship has sunk
  7. The game ends when all of the players from 1 team have been eliminated

Have a blast… this game is an absolute blast to play at BBQs, beach parties, campouts, and weddings!

What You’ll Need

This game comes with everything besides goggles (should you choose to use) and a change of clothes

**Also to note, winds can topple the game.  Choose a setup area that does not have any wind, as Giant Game Rentals assumes no responsibility or liability for any injuries

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