• Giant Jenga

    You’ve played it on a smaller scale, now it’s time to put your skills to the real test

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Tots all the way up to grandmas and grampas play this one just the same, and is still likely one of my favorites for hanging out and meeting people at a wedding with a drink in hand. No tools needed, not complicated, just the right amount of time for 1 game not to get sucked into a game that lasts forever, and great for setting bets! I remember my last giant Jenga game I played at a wedding a few months back, there were even some hilarious rules that people made up when they yanked out certain inconspicuous planks. Brilliant!

3 minutes.  Place the tiles side by side in rows of 3.  When the row is set, set the row above perpendicular to that of the one below.

You’ve all played Jenga before, though if you need a refresher:

  1. choose how many players are going to play the round
  2. Each player takes a turn by using 1 hand only and removing any block (below the top row)
  3. He or she then places that tile on the top in the same pattern as the entire Jenga set
  4. If the tower falls over on your turn, you lose (great to place bets on this game)


For further details on how to play, check out the video here – Official Jenga Rules – 80’s Style

Nothing.  The game comes with everything you’ll need.  If there’s a giant sombrero lying around however, we tend to play where the loser of the last game must wear the giant sombrero until the next ends

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