Setup Time and Instructions

5-7 minutes.  Setup a playing field, with gates between 5-25 ft apart depending on the space that you have to play with

General Game Rules

  1. The goal of the game is to be the 1st person to get through all of the gates and hit the wooden peg on the other end.  To make it more complex, you can set the object of the game to start at 1 peg, hit the other peg on the other side AND return to hit the original peg through all of the gates again
  2. Choose which order the gates have to be hit through, and if the gates have to be hit through a certain direction or not
  3. Players take turns hitter their coloured ball through the gates in the order that was chosen
  4. The 1st player to get his/her ball through all of the gates (and back if that was chosen) wins

Checkout the official rules here – Official Croquet Rules

What You’ll Need

Nothing more than what is in the game set

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