• Gladiators

    Take on your best bud, wife, or father, and prove once and for all who’s the king of the castle ($30/day)

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    2 people playing gladiator on 2 stumps

Setup Time and Instructions

1 minute.  Setup the stumps on stable ground 3-4 ft apart or what feels comfortable for your particular 1-on-1 king of the castle match

General Game Rules

  1. The object of the game is to knock your opponent off of their stump before they knock you off.  A point is scored when you knock your opponent off
  2. Challenge a competitor in this 2-player game
  3. Grab the gladiator bars and determine with your opponent what indicates the beginning of the match
  4. Determine how many points you are playing to.  Typical games last until a player reaches 5 points at which point they are the winner

When playing, Giant Game Rentals assumes no responsibility or liability for any injury

(game does not come with helmet or mouthguard)

What You’ll Need

Gladiators comes with everything needed to play.  Because we assume no responsibility or liability for any injuries, we recommend you bring helmets and or your own mouthguard should you feel that this is needed

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