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Giant Snakes & Ladders - Giant Game Rentals

Setup Time and Instructions

1 minute.  Unfold the game and get going

General Game Rules

  1. The object of the game is to be the 1st person to get to the very end, ahead of all the other opponents
  2. Players decide on the order of who rolls when
  3. Players then roll consecutively to move up the board
  4. If you land on a square with the head of the snake, move all the way back down to the square where the snake tail ends
  5. If you land on the square with the bottom of the ladder site, move all the way up the ladder to the square where the ladder ends.

Good luck, have fun, and care to place bets to spice it up?

What You’ll Need

Please remove your shoes before playing.  This ensures many more people can rent this game and have some fun in the future as well

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