• Giant Kerplunk

    If the balls fall on your turn, pretend it was the person on your left who did it ($35/day)

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    Kerplunk game with chickenwire in the backyard

5 minutes.  Fold the wire mesh into a cylinder and connect the clips, then place the mesh cylinder on top of the wooden stool piece.  Place the sticks randomly but somewhat level throughout the middle of the wire mesh.  Finally, drop the balls in through the top opening of the wire mesh.  If the balls to not fall through, you have a game to play and players to recruit

  1. The object of the game is to end the game with the fewest balls dropped after all of the sticks have been removed
  2. Each player individually removes a stick and sets it aside
  3. If a ball or several balls fall because of the stick that you just pulled out, place the balls beside you (as these count against you on your final score)
  4. Once the very last ball has dropped, count your balls.  Whoever has the fewest balls, wins

For a video demonstration, checkout one of the oldest Kerplunk videos I was able to find – Kerplunk Rules

Nothing.  This game comes with everything that you need

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