• Giant Checkers

    Double-jump your opponent, throw on your crown, and attack from behind ($35/day)

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    Red vs black giant backyard checkers

4 mins to setup, by placing your coloured pieces on the dark squares of the first 3 rows closest to you when you are standing facing your opponent

  1. The goal of Checkers is to beat your opponent by jumping over his or her pieces diagonally, thus removing this piece.  The opponent who removes the other opponents pieces wins
  2. As a 2-player game, decided who goes first with a coin toss or ‘rock-papper’scissors’
  3. When moving pieces, you are allowed to move forward 1 diagonal square at a time
  4. In order to defeat an opponents piece, you must hop over (diagonally) 1 piece at a time
  5. It is possible to double-jump by hopping over an opponents  checker, then immediately after, hopping over another piece if it is available to be hopped
  6. If one of your checkers reaches the other side (past your opponent) the piece is considered to be ‘Kinged’ at which point this piece can move anywhere on the board (diagonally) 1 square in any direction, thereby giving you the ability to attack your opponent from behind

For more details and a visual representation of how to play, check this out – Official Checkers Rules

This games comes with everything that you will need

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