• Team Badminton

    2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4, or even 5 vs 5. Challenge an entire side of your family ($35/day)

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    Multiplayer Badminton

Setup Time and Instructions

5 minutes.  Unravel the net and make sure it stretches the distance you would like to play.  Make sure to setup on even ground

General Game Rules

If you’re looking to play a ‘more-or-less’ proper game of Badminton,

  1. Choose a number of points to play up to (ie 11, or 15)
  2. Choose a team to serve 1st
  3. Decide whether teams can win points if they aren’t the team that initially serves
  4. Setup rough sidelines for birdies that are hit ‘out’

For more professional rules, check out the video here – Official Badminton Rules

What You’ll Need

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