Setup Time and Instructions

2 minutes.  Dump the pieces and turn them over, face down.  That’s it.

General Game Rules

The object of the game is to be the 1st person to get rid of your letters, while there are no more ’tiles’ to pick up

  1. Players determine the number of pieces they start with (ie. 4, 10, 15, etc).  There is no right way, as long as every player starts with the same number, and there is a pile of tiles in the middle still.  We like to play by starting with 4 tiles each
  2. Before you start, the tiles that you chose should be face down in front of you
  3. When you start, turn over your pieces and start building words horizontally and vertically.  You can always change them around to form different words at any time
  4. When you have run out of tiles in your bunch, yell PEEL at which point players pick up another tile each.  If playing with 2 players we tend to choose to pick up 4 tiles every time the opponent yells PEEL
  5. Once all of the tiles in the middle are gone, the 1st person who finds a place for all of their letters within their grid wins

For the official Bananaram rules, check them out here – Official Bananagram Rules

What You’ll Need

Nothing.  This game has everything inside

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