• Classic Bean Bag Races

    Always a fan favourite. Team up and compete for fastet bean bagger in the crowd

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    4 guys racing in bean bags

Bean Bag Races

Ever been to a wedding with dollar bill betting? I have! I’ve been to a wedding that has bean bag races where betting with 1-dollar bills was on the sidelines. What a laugh! Not only that, but there was actually a bean bag race competition that was setup, where the winner won a hand-made tin foil trophe. I’m not saying that it’s the most creative game, I’m just saying that it’s the easiest game to setup, play, pack up, and get going with everyone at the wedding. On a side note, it’s phenomenal for a wedding with kids. Not many better photo opportunities!

Setup Time and Instructions

2 minutes to setup, with no setup instructions

General Game Rules

  1. Pick a starting line
  2. Pick a finish line
  3. Recruit as many people as possible
  4. Setup the rules of your choice (teams with a tag off, solo races)
  5. Take off your shoes
  6. Wait for the signal, and race!

What You’ll Need


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